Series: My Shack       The Shack Award

Series: My Shack The Shack Award

Day 78/365  Prompt:  Make up a name and write a back story for a stranger you see today. Bonus: Create something based on what you've made up and give it to them.

The stranger I met today was a checkout clerk at a retail shop. We briefly chatted over the rising cost of merchandise and the economy as a whole. The short of the story left me with an impression about her noteworthy character as a giver.  ( I had planned to go to a restaurant later in the evening to "meet" a stranger) when it occurred to me, I already had!!!   Meet Mercy Shackleton! Her made up name and made up back story go together...."Mercy grew up under difficult circumstances where poverty led the way to many a night in sadness as she laid awake dreaming of a wonderfully warm place to live and comfort food at her fingertips whenever hunger called. She followed her dream and made a way for a better life in her early twenties. Her background of limitations made her a very caring and giving person. She made good use of her time by helping many shack and shanty dwellers better their living situation from great food to warm & safe homes."       

For "Mercy Shackleton" I made an Award Certificate called The Shack Award

UPDATE: I actually presented The Shack Award to the clerk at the retail shop today!!! She was sincerely touched by the gesture and gave me a big hug!! She's going to hang it in her craftroom at her home. And an interesting tidbit to this connection.....she also does art!! Wonderful to have met a friend who I used to call a stranger :)

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Series: My Shack My TV Shack

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Series: My Shack Shredded Shack