Series: My Shack      Sunset & Shack

Series: My Shack Sunset & Shack

Day 156 of 365 days of making shacks!! Yes, I'm still going strong and haven't missed a day yet of making my shacks. Sorry I have been not been able to get any posts up on this website for almost two months. So many of these shacks and shack scenes I'm making taking many hours to complete. And the photos taking is also very time consuming. So when life got extreme busy as in not knowing what day of the week I was on something had to go! I wasn't sure if many were even paying attention to this website. Thank you Beth and Sarah for acknowledging. 

Today I made a shack inside a toilet paper roll. A Shack & Sunset Silhouette. I put this one together fairly quickly as it was an unexpected very demanding business kind of Moanday (not a typo).   Hand cut shack along with pier, waves, and the sunset all designed and cut by yours truly. 

Series: My Shack                The Eskimo Shack

Series: My Shack The Eskimo Shack